Any form of assault is not okay. 

 The definition of assault is:

Inflicting intentional or reckless harm towards another individual is the general definition of assault in the United Kingdom. Assaults are typically referred to as offences against the person. Harm encompasses both physical and psychological harm, which includes causing someone to fear for their own safety. 
What can you do?

Talk - If someone you know has experienced hate crime, you can encourage them to seek support. Alternatively, you can make an anonymous disclosure, which will allow us to investigate if there are multiple instances in one area.  Or you or the person can make a report with contact details  so the University can take necessary action, in confidence. 

Seek Support - There are a number of organisations that provide specialist support, including counselling for those affected by assault. You could encourage your colleague to reach out to such support. 

Mental Health and Wellbeing



There are two ways you can tell us what happened